Each year, roughly 70,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with throat cancer, mouth cancer, or other cancers of the head and neck. Our physicians are specially trained to treat cancer of the head and neck. These cancers may involve the oral cavity, mouth, throat, voice box, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands, nose and sinuses, and thyroid gland. Our physicians will develop the best possible treatment plan for you working with oncologists, if appropriate, to support your care. As researchers continue to study the causes of throat, mouth, and related cancers, our health care professionals remain committed to staying current on ever-evolving advances in technology and treatments. In addition to our Board-Certified expert physicians, Midwest ENT Specialists is also pleased to have a full-time head and neck oncology nurse coordinator who has over 40 years’ experience coordinating the care patients diagnosed with throat, mouth or other cancers. Her commitment is second to none and we are so appreciative of the role she plays in supporting our patients through their head and neck cancer treatment. Please contact our office for an evaluation or assistance in finding an oncologist in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities Metro area. For more information on head and neck cancer please click on the links below.