Pre-Operative Surgery

All surgery patients are required to have a pre-op physical by their primary care physician prior to surgery. After scheduling your surgery please call your primary care clinic to schedule your pre-op physical and/or required lab tests (noted on your pre-op physical form provided by your ENT physician). You have been provided your pre-op form to provide to your primary care physician. This form must be given to your primary care physician at the time of your pre-op exam. If you misplace this form, please contact our office or your surgery scheduler.

Before you Arrive

  • Information Form: Please complete the patient form which was included in the Midwest Surgery Center booklet provided at the booking of the surgery. Please mail or fax it to the Midwest Surgery Center.

Midwest Surgery Center
2080 Woodwinds Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: (651) 642-9199
Fax: (651) 645-3346

  • History & Insurance: You will be contacted by one of our nurses one to two working days before your surgery. The nurse will review your medical history, give you a time to arrive at the Center, answer any questions regarding your surgery and obtain medical information from you.

If a nurse has not reached you by 12:00 p.m. the day before surgery, please contact the Midwest Surgery Center at (651) 642-9199.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance and registration forms, please call the Midwest Surgery Center Business Office at (651) 642-1106.

  • Food & Drink: For your safety, DO NOT eat or drink anything (including water) after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes the nursing of babies. Do not smoke after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • Transportation: You must be accompanied by a responsible adult upon discharge because you will not be allowed to drive home after surgery. Be sure to arrange for transportation home after surgery. You should not drive until the following day. Anesthesia is known to impair judgment and driving skills.
  • Adult Surgery: Arrange to have an adult with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. This is for your safety.
  • Children: If you have an infant or toddler using a bottle, bring an empty bottle to the center. We will provide a clear liquid for your child after surgery. A favorite toy, blanket, or pacifier should also be brought to the center to accompany the child to surgery.
  • Tests: Your physicians will let you know if any laboratory tests are needed. Be sure to bring all required lab/EKG results with you to the Center.
  • Medications: When the admitting nurse calls you before your surgery, they will need to know what your daily medications and dosages are. She will instruct you on the medications you may need to take before your surgery.
  • Please avoid taking aspirin, Tylenol, or anti-inflammatory medications seven days prior to surgery. Please consult your physician about other medications.
  • Leave all jewelry at home.
  • Do not wear any make-up, especially eye make-up or fingernail polish.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please bring a case for them.
  • If you become ill prior to surgery (cold, sore throat, etc.), call your physician for advice.